Personal Work

This page holds work of my personal creation. This work is not client based. The bulk of this work will focus on travel photography and portraiture of people that inspire me. This page will remain under construction as I hope to continuously update it. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Tattooed woman leans on elbows from behind the bar
Tattooed woman sitting on bar with long legs on barstool
beautiful woman looks into camera while chewing on the arm of her glasses; tattooed model
pebble stone house with bright blue windows and doors in Aldeburgh, England
backlit shed on a pebble beach in Aldeburgh, England
old boats on a pebble beach on the North Sea in Aldeburgh, England
Woman with braids leans back in chair while playing poker to stare at camera; Boss lady
High Street in Aldeburgh, England with cars lining both sides
Black and white photo of tattooed woman in partial silhouette
three bloomed pink flowers in a narrow flowerbed in Aldeburgh, England
Tattooed model in green dress stands before a US Marine flag

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