Hey, guys!

Welcome to my blog. I'm so happy to have this chance to talk to ya'll. Like a record on repeat, photography has been a passion since my childhood. Because of that, I grew up watching our school photographer and questioning what I didn't know. As I grew I had so many questions about the business aspect of it that I just couldn't understand. "Why do I only get 'x' number of poses when you took more?" "Why don't photographers give customers all the files?" "Why do photographers give prints instead of digital files?" It wasn't until I created this business that some of these questions were finally answered. I hope to answer these questions for you as we go along.

In this post, I shall keep it simple...Welcome to Golden Eve Photography, a business with a heart, passion, and love. A place where lifestyle photography captures not a pretty pose or outfit, but the person, the soul, within. From our eve to our golden years, we are perfectly and beautifully imperfect and we all have our own story to tell. I'm here to help you share that story and preserve it for your loved ones in the years to come.

Sibling Love

Sibling Love

The first family shoot to grace the blog! Yay! Kayleigh and little brother Asher are definitely brother and sister. While these two were having fun, their younger sister was happy to find her own entertainment.... having mom and dad chase her down. She was a bit of an escape artist. haha. But the photoshoot was so much fun and everyone had a blast.

Location: New Orleans City Park.