Why do photographers not....

In this and the coming entries, I want to answer a few of your questions, such as "Why do photographers not give me all of my photos?" "Why do photographers not book sessions at noon?" " Why do photographers not give me my digital images?" Some of these that I'll cover have plagued me since I was a kid (seriously! I could never figure out why I had all of these tiny, little photos to stare at but only got one big one!) and I don't want you to continue questioning this either. Each question will have its own entry and if there's a question you really want to know an answer to but I haven't gotten to it, email me and I'll take my best whack at it!

So to start, ever wondered why photographers don't give you all of your photos? In this post, I want to share with you a bit of the "why" in why we don't give you all of the photos.

My mom actually asks me this nearly every time I have photos taken of myself, "I want to see all of my photos. Why can't I have them, again?" Well, guys, I feel like this is an easy one that can be pretty much be summed up by a meme (I love memes. Truly, I do!)

Hahaha. I love this meme because it's SO true!! The next time you start wondering what you're photographer is hiding from you by not giving you all of your photos, I want this to come to your brain. Do you want to be Queen B or "I'm BAY" *flex muscles and deepen voice*? Beyoncé is a beautiful person and an amazing artist, but we all have two sides. One of which you don't want to be seen in the light of day. Like those adorable morning snuggles I try to capture of me with my son....mom never looks as cute.. (what does my husband see in me???)

Next point as to why we don't is because you have to remember this is our business and while we would LOVE to give you all the photos we edited, we can't without charging. Our photos are the metaphorical eggs at the grocery store. Yeah, having a chicken is super easy and gives you "free" eggs, but isn't it easier to just have someone do it for you (aka, the farmer and grocer)? You have to feed the chickens, clean their coop, make sure they're in their roost at night, make sure they aren't eaten by a wild coyote in the night (we have those), make sure you collect their eggs, and all of this is pretty much a daily chores, some even twice a day. So yeah, you get "free" and easy eggs, but that's a lot of time, effort, and money. So instead you opt to pay for eggs at the store. Now consider all of that work, plus the people it takes to bring you the eggs. From farmer, to truck driver, to grocer, to shelf, to you....that's a lot of work. A lot of people who need to eat and pay bills. So, unfortunately, no free eggs being handed out at the store.

"But you have them and they're so easy to just give away!" mhm. They are easy to give away and we do have them, but again, don't forget the farmer needs to eat and keep his chickens alive and... well, you get the point. Photographers are the same. We work hard to capture that right angle in the right light, and make sure your face is in focus (not just that pimple on your chin, which we edit out because we do love you). Photography is the study of light. We have to study, no joke. A professional photographer knows the science that goes into the image they capture. This takes time, energy, and tools. Wifi is expensive, ya'll, and computer time isn't always easy when you have an 11 month old pulling on you and a full time job outside of running your own business! (Luckily the hubby is kick butt awesome, hands down!) Behind each photo is a lot of time, hard work, patience, education (whether school or home grown), and love. From the moment we decide to create our business, we are working for you. We spend time searching for you, booking session dates, doing research on your perfect photo session, making sure everything is set up and ready for your dream shoot, making sure that shoot happens, sorting through the photos, picking out only the very best (see exhibit 'B'ay) , editing those chosen few to the best of our ability, then presenting them to you while holding our breath and hoping they are everything that you've dreamed of (and pinned to Pinterest).

With cell phones today, it's so easy to catch a snapshot and with the new technology, those images have such a higher potential of being stunning, but how often do we remember to take them? How often do we forget them in our phone's photo album? How often do we actually edit what we took, taking that "mediocre" photo to "out of this world"? As a professional photographer, I forget to "take the photo" all the time when I'm with my family. We get so wrapped up in the moment that we forget to pull out our cameras/phones and take the shot. And it's because of that very reason that professional photographers are so important. Through booking a session, you dedicate to yourself, family, friends, and loved ones that you are setting a time aside for them. To memorialize that one moment in life. A moment that will never come again. There's a photo of my grandmother with my son. The two of them are laughing. She's 92 and he's 6 months. That photo can't be replaced.

So no, we don't give you all the photo because you deserve only our best. Every time. This is your life and not matter how messy, unposed, imperfect, and tangled it may be, it's perfect because it's yours. It's you and there is only one of those. Capture it, save it, and savor it. You'll never know when you'll want to look back on it.

I hope I've answered one of your questions for you. Let me know if you have any others. I'd be happy to write a post just for you. --Love, Sarah

**** Disclaimer: Neither the photographs within this post, nor the creation of the meme is mine. I do not take any credit and do not know who the creator/photographer is.